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Our Mission

Spirit Talks is a movement of individuals coming together to uplift humanity through a network of community, video interviews, and live events. We are all humans connected through a universal spiritual consciousness.

To enable this to happen, we are gathering people and teams across the nation to connect their communities in this common vision. Join us, gather your tribe, and begin to uplift humanity through our expanding network of “Spirit Talks”.

What Are Spirit Talks

We are living in a time where more and more people are creating a personal connection with spirit, source, god, ect, outside the confines of organized religion.  The need to connect with like minded seekers is also increasing as people are looking for support systems and relationships that support ones spiritual interest. Spirit Talks is a place where groups of people can connect in a casual environment and talk about topics that bring humanity together and encourage deeper conversations.  As you join our community you will find support in your journey with live events, video interviews, and workshops around the country.  The spiritual path is no longer a lonely one, you are not alone, and your voice and insights are a valuable resource for others.   

Our Leadership Team

Holly Semanoff
Holly SemanoffCo-Founder Spirit Talks / Body Of Light
Holly Semanoff is an IFBB professional fitness competitor, Ashtanga/Kundalini/Kriya yoga teacher, reiki master, clairvoyant, and channeler. Aside from her physical accomplishments in the fitness industry she is a spiritual catalyst for awaking the body, mind, soul connection. As founder of the Body Of Light she uses her abilities and knowledge to teach others how to create their own connection with source.
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Mike Semanoff
Mike SemanoffCo-Founder Spirit Talks
Mike Semanoff is an inspiration to all he meets. With his enthusiasm for life, he supports everyone around him in being the best that they can be. Through all of his gifts and talents, he creates a space for others to step into their power and own all of who they are physically, mentally, and spiritually.
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In Search Of
In Search OfEvent Coordinator
We are looking to partner with an event coordinator to help plan 2 or 3 consciousness based events per year.
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Get Connected

Spirit Talks is a movement committed to bringing like-minded people together.  Connect with us on any of these platforms so that you can connect with other spiritualy minded individuals outside of organized religion.

We rise by lifting others.

Robert Ingersoll

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Whatever you believe yourself to be, that is what you will bring forth.

Holly Semanoff

A candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle. Let’s illuminate this world together.